Monday, April 29, 2013

Home Organization Schedule

So, this was our inspiration...

Week 1: The Kitchen
Week 2: The Garage
Week 3: The Pantry
Week 4: The Office
Week 5: Laundry Room
Week 6: Master Bedroom
Week 7: Linen Closet
Week 8: The Dining Room
Week 9: Closets
Week 10: The Living Room
Week 11: Playroom/Bonus Room
Week 12: Bathrooms
Week 13: Master Closet
Week 14: Entryway/Mudroom

However, we are pretty darn lucky because we don't have to worry about a playroom or mudroom. Plus, our pantry is more like a cabinet and our laundry room is well...a corner in the garage
Here we go...

The Denton's Schedule:

Week 1: Garage/Attic
Week 2: Linen Closet Cabinet/Dog Closet
Week 3: Kitchen/Dining Room/Pantry Cabinet
Week 4: The Living Room/Patio
Week 5: Bathrooms/Laundry Area
Week 6: Master Bedroom/Closet
Week 7: Office Space/Den/Guest Room

I am so excited to get started on this project. I'm sure there will be lots of trips to Home Depot, Target and The Container Store. This stuff excites me!


  1. I love organizing. I annoy Justin because I have a place for everything.

  2. Absolutely LOVE it. Daniel thinks he knows how to organize but he doesn't. However, he is a good helper when he just let's me do my thing.