Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY Framed Chalkboard

I have been wanting a framed chalkboard for MONTHS. My sweet husband finally decided to help me do it for me. I think he did a great job too!! 

See...I helped too!!

This was after the 1st coat...we did a total of 4 coats.

All Done!!

I just LOVE it!!

You will need:
(1) piece of wood of your choice. We went with a 2x4 piece of MDF
(1) can of chalkboard paint. We used Rust-Oleum.
(1) paint roller-smooth finish
decorative moulding
(You will need to cut them to size. We did this at Home Depot. Be sure to leave
about 1-2 inches for the angle cuts)
miter saw
wood glue

Step by Step:

It would probably be best to prime the wood...or buy pre-primed MDF. We did not do either and ours turned out just fine though.

Step 1: Apply first coat of chalkboard paint (wait 4 hours), repeat 3 more times.
Step 2: Measure the length needed for your crown moulding.  Miter the edges at 45-degrees.
Step 3: Use wood glue (or nails) to attach the moulding to the wood.
Step 4: Paint the trim a color of your choice...we decided on white.
Step 5: Use chalk to write something fun and ENJOY!

***This is a pretty heavy piece of wood after the moulding is attached. If I could do it over again...I would probably pick a lighter weight wood. But, I didn't want it to be flimsy either.***

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 1: Garage/Attic

Well, we completed MOST of the garage this weekend. We still need a shelving unit to store a few bins on and also a tool box/work bench for Daniel. Of course, I wanted to make the garage pretty. It was an uphill battle. Daniel says that garages aren't suppose to be pretty. So, this is what we ended up with....

We want to put a shelving unit on this back wall. See the exhaust on the ground...it's for sale and bugging me that it's on the ground.

We got a miter saw over the weekend for our DIY Chalkboard that we started over the weekend...pictures soon!

This little corner of organized clutter will go on the shelving unit.


I really wanted bins to put all this stuff in....

A car detailing bin would have looked fabulous here...I got away with a basket for the rags.

Another perfect place for a bin...Car maintenance stuff

And....this is Daniel's wall of art...he wanted to hang every single car part he could find...I had to put my foot down somewhere.
Well, there it is. Our "not suppose to be pretty" garage. I got away with 2 baskets so I feel pretty good about that. We still need to get cabinets for over our washer/dryer which is why I'm holding off on pictures of that part of the garage. I'm going to try to get pictures of our attic soon.