Thursday, April 18, 2013

#5: Anniversary Trip-Catalina Island

We are heading to Catalina Island this weekend for our 5 year Anniversary. We will take an hour and a half ferry ride over to paradise. This will be our first time visiting the island. I'm excited for a weekend of relaxation with my #1 man! I can't believe we have been married for 5 years tomorrow!! 

We will staying at The Pavilion Hotel that I found through TripAdvisor. It seems pretty amazing. The reviews are great and the grounds look beautiful. The biggest plus: complimentary wine and cheese in the afternoon. =)

This hotel was amazing. The entire staff goes the extra mile to make sure your stay is perfect! It's always the little things that excite me. Like, the different flavor coffee creamers that they give you OR the surprise of Voss H2O on our night stands after an eventful night out. Oh, the wine and cheese hour that we were so excited for....FAR exceeded our expectations. First of all, they don't just give you a little taste...they FILL YOUR GLASS and you can go back for as many refills as you want during that hour. Plus, the cheese was delicious. What an incredible perk! The breakfast was delicious too. The fresh fruit was my favorite:Mango, Pineapple, Oranges, Blueberries-Yum!

The circular building behind us is known as "The Casino." However, it's not really a casino. You can tour it for only 10 bucks a person. What a bargain!! The history is really interesting. It has an incredible theater that my words can't even begin to describe how fascinating the acoustics are in that room. And, the ballroom is so pretty!! 
Everything is still original from the 1930s. 

 This picture was taken from the balcony of the ballroom in The Casino. 

Next, we rented a golf cart to drive around the much fun. The views were breathtaking!!

We spent our last night on the island relaxing by the fire pit. We met some really nice couples too. It was the perfect Anniversary weekend. Catalina has a little piece of my heart!


  1. You have a blog!!!!! And I miss you!!!!

  2. Haha. I do!! I'm still learning... I miss you very much!!