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After making it through two back-to-back deployments over these last 4 years, we were excited to start a new beginning on shore duty! We got orders to beautiful San Diego, California. Our family of seven (2 humans and 5 furry kids) began our cross country drive that took us to Florida, Georgia, Alabama (oh..the state troopers), Mississippi, Louisiana, TEXAS (I thought this state would never end), New Mexico (ALIENS!!), Arizona (the Wigwam Motel is awesome ) and then CALIFORNIA!! After visiting friends and family along the way, we safely arrived in June 2012.

  Also, we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase our very first home! It was definitely a stressful and exciting time in our lives. Buying a house in California while still living in Florida is not an ideal situation. We didn't even walk into our home until AFTER we purchased it! Crazy!

Daniel took orders as an Instructor and I got a receptionist position at a Veterinary Hospital in downtown San Diego. We are definitely enjoying the life of leisure. Daniel is home quite a bit more then when he was on sea duty. We LOVE taking the pups to the dog beach They are loving it here! We are excited to be able to do a little more traveling and explore the gorgeous west coast!

Update: We sold our town house and now live in Downtown. We love the urban life. We are having the time of our lives!

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