Monday, April 14, 2014

Time Flies....

I can't believe that it's been 10 months since I last posted on here. My personal goal is to keep up with my blog so we can look back later in life and have the chance to go down memory lane. So, I suppose it's time to do a re-cap on where our adventures have taken us lately...

August 2013

My Mom FINALLY came to San Diego to visit us! We had an unforgettable time. Of course, the dogs had to welcome their Gammie! 

We went to Santa Monica and met up with one of our cousins for lunch. It was great getting together, especially with all of us living in different cities. 

My Mom and I tried yoga for the first time together. It was a great work-out and we both felt so peaceful afterwards. It was definitely something to remember! 

AFTER our intense yoga session!

We went to our favorite winery in Ramona, California. Salerno Winery is an incredible little gem. Their wine is great, the pizza is AMAZING and the ambiance is what keeps us coming back! We had brunch in La Jolla with a beautiful view of the ocean. My most favorite part of the trip was my Mom cooking us a home cooked meal-southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra, green beans and SWEET TEA! 

Here are a few pictures....

September 2013

We decided to sell our town house and move downtown for our last year in San Diego. We had no idea our place would sell so fast though. We had an open house and the same weekend-we had two offers!! 

We decided to have family beach day during the Open House. 

October 2013

We officially sold our town house and moved to Downtown, San Diego! 

Our new apartment! We first moved to the 21st floor but a few months later moved to the 36th floor! Why not, right? 

This was our first time being able to walk to a bar and enjoy a drink! 

October was a busy month for us. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a place that would rent to us with four dogs so Peanut had to go stay with his grandparents until we move again. It was football season and FSU had an AMAZING season!! Oh, Penelope entered a costume contest for Halloween and placed 4th. 

Seriously, how did this precious girl not get FIRST place? Haha! 

November 2013

We celebrated Maggie's 11th birthday, exactly one year after the specialist told us she only had three months left to live due to liver failure. This girl is a fighter and I'm so glad!! 

We took a road trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. We stopped in Austin on the way to Daniel's parents house. We had a great couple days exploring a great city! We waited in line for 4 hours for delicious BBQ at Franklin's BBQ. Have you seen the Chase commercial where it's featured? Yep, same's delicious and worth a trip to Austin all in it self! We stayed in an adorable guesthouse called Casa Kenwood Guesthouses. It made our experience in Austin that much better! We loved it. 

After Austin, we headed to Daniel's parents for the week. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and even got our family picture for our Christmas card! 

It was nice spending time with family that we don't get to see even close to enough! 

It was a great trip. It was a horribly long drive though and I don't ever want to drive across the country again unless I'm driving HOME to Florida. 

December 2013

We had Daniel's Christmas Party this month! I always love the Navy Christmas Parties because it's usually the time of year that we get dressed up. I usually splurge and get my hair and make up done...why not? 

We were heading to visit more family for Christmas and New Years. We spent time in Ohio and Indiana. It was a cold Christmas compared to San Diego! We had a blast playing our 1st but definitely not last Christmas Vacation Drinking Game. It's my Dad's favorite movie so it's turned into a family favorite! I found a drinking game from a blog that I adore. 
Here is the link to the instructions: Christmas Vacation Drinking Game

We went all out and had shirts made for this EPIC event!! 

We spent New Years Eve with My Mom and Kirk. We had a delicious dinner at a Japanese restaurant and watched the ball drop from home. We had an early flight home the next morning! 

January 2014

What is a great way to start the new year? Florida State Seminoles at the National Championship Game in Pasadena, California!! It was the first (and last) game of the season that we were able to go to since moving to San Diego. I was BEYOND excited when I found out we got tickets to the game! My Dad flew out to San Diego for a visit and the game! We met up with my grandparents and cousin the day of the game. It was a memory that I will never forget! 

FSU won and it was a lifetime opportunity to be able to share that with family! 

We ended the month of January with another once a lifetime event...the KING of country music, George Strait with opening act, Miranda Lambert! AMAZING!!!

February 2014

One of my favorite months...between Valentine's Day and my's usually a good one! This year, it was the best ever! It was a month full of surprises. I'm so blessed. For Valentine's Day, Daniel really out did himself. He researched and found the most romantic date ever. He makes me proud and I'm so lucky to have an incredible man in my life. He rented a Gondola for us. It was peaceful, romantic and beautiful. I will never forget this date! 

I woke up one morning to this amaziness on our balcony! How in the world did I get so lucky?!

This handsome sailor surprised me at work for Valentines Day. 

Our Gondola Ride 

Just me, enjoying life and excited to be turning 28!!

I applied for a make over by these two beautiful ladies. You know? Emily and Nicole from Pretty Wicked Moms. They emailed back and wanted me in LA for the taping of a Trunk Show. At the show, they would be selecting ladies for a make-over. Once in LA, I wasn't selected for a make-over but I did receive the BIGGEST compliment from them. I was told that I was even more beautiful in person and I didn't need a make-over. What?!? Seriously? How sweet are they? Of course, I disagree but who is going to argue with that sort of thing. It made my day. They have a new show coming out and will be showing footage from the day I was there...maybe I'll be seen on TV soon! ;) All in all, it was a fun day. I enjoyed the craziness of producers, casting directors, and more running around. Another great memory! 

 We ended the month with a trip to Mammoth, California for our first skiing adventure! It was beautiful. Skiing on the other hand, a lot harder than we thought. It was FUN but note to self and anyone else who hasn't ever went skiing before...a lesson is NECESSARY! If not, you will end up with ski patrol coming up the mountain to get you after you take a "gnarly fall." Those words came straight from a ski instructor. Yep, when she called in my injury to ski patrol...she said I have a lady here that just took a gnarly fall. The pictures below were BEFORE my fall. Sigh. 

This was our second day on the slopes after a lesson. It was much more fun once we knew how to slow down, stop and turn! Hahaha. Oh and we forgot sunscreen. What an amazing weekend! We stayed at the Mammoth Mountain Inn. I loved it. On a side note...their pancakes...a must. I had them every single day. 

Snow cat...these were so neat to see way up the mountain at night getting the slopes 
ready for the next day.

Bunny slopes chair! Yes, please! 

That slope straight ahead and a little to the left is where I took my epic fall. And, the building on the left (first floor) was ski patrol where they nursed me back to my feet! 

It was an incredible birthday trip!

March 2014

We had a lazy month. We needed one. The most exciting thing for us this month was Penelope learning how to shake! We I have been trying to teach her for TWO YEARS. Well, persistence pays off. 


April 2014 (so far)

We finally did a hike that we have been wanting to do since we moved here! The Potato Chip (or Mt. Woodson) in Poway, California. It was the hardest hike we have done so far. We were not prepared mentally or physically. We did not have enough water or any snacks. Luckily, there were very friendly and generous hikers along the way that helped us out. It was a 7 mile hike (round trip). It was all uphill. My goodness!!! 

Penelope got hurt on the way down. We think she landed wrong coming down off one of the rocks. Anyway, Daniel had to carry her about 3 miles. She seems quite happy and content in this picture. She is one spoiled pup! 

Now that I'm up to's my promise to myself that I will keep up with my blog. It's almost like therapy. =) 

Have a great week, ya'll. 

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