Monday, June 17, 2013

A Few Upgrades...

We were lucky to have the help of Daniel's Dad while visiting and got a couple projects checked off our list! Our guest bedroom didn't have an overhead light when we moved we really wanted to add: 
#1 overhead light 
#2 ceiling fan (our house doesn't have A/C)
Thanks to my handy father-in-law...mission accomplished!


Daniel had hung floating shelves before his parents got into town, however, they weren't very secure due to our walls being warped apparently. So, once again, my handy father-in-law came to the rescue with some reinforcements!
 Daniel doing the initial work...
All Done! 

Daniel also hung some curtains on our MUCH needed wide open sliding glass doors that look directly into our neighbors living room.

 I just love them and they were super cheap from Ikea. I'm pretty obsessed with that place!

Last but not least...we FINALLY got a new (leather) couch. When you have four, never-ending shedding dogs...microfiber couches are probably the worst couch to purchase. I absolutely hated our couches that we got when we first moved here. Daniel insisted on them so I agreed but I searched for a replacement from the very beginning. We finally found one that was in our budget, comfortable and the right color. I am so sick of super dark furniture but you don't have too many color options when it comes to leather. I really wanted a sleeper sofa for extra guest space but the sleeper was extremely uncomfortable. So, air mattress it is for extra guests. Sorry folks! 



We eventually want to get the matching chair and ottoman. Plus, I would like to get a new picture for above the couch. We can't decide if we want another ottoman in front of the couch or coffee table. For now, we are using our old ottoman. We have since moved the bar (the furniture piece to the left) into the kitchen where it belongs and looks much better. Unfortunately, we have to have an eye sore of a crate in our living room because Penelope just LOVES her crate.

And, Penelope wins!


  1. Your home is beautiful and comfortable. The guest bedroom was adorable and the bed was comfortable. The both of you are doing a great job. Love you both.

    MOM and DAD

    P.S. I am not missing the freeway (LOL) but I do miss the gorgeous scenery.

  2. Thank you so much! That really means a lot. I don't blame you for not missing the freeways. Lol. We miss you guys already. Love you! Thanks for coming out for a visit.