Monday, April 21, 2014

#6: Anniversary Trip-Idyllwild

I can't believe we have been married for six years! It's been an amazing six years though. I couldn't ask for a better husband. He puts everything and everyone before himself. He has always made sure we live in a nice place, drive a good car and never ever go without. He is one of the hardest working men I know. I'm so lucky.

He planned our 6th anniversary trip all by himself. I tend to be a control freak and like to take charge of vacations. However, with this trip, I had no clue he was even planning it. He did a great job!! I usually go for trips that either include a beach or some tropical setting. He usually likes outdoors/woods/cabin like trips. I didn't realize just how much I would enjoy it. 

He booked us a cabin for the weekend in Idyllwild, California. Yep. I had never even heard of this small, quaint, adorable little town. It was gorgeous. It was high in the mountains. They had an unofficial mayor named Max who happens to be a Golden Retriever. Seriously?! That made me love this place even more than I already did.  

It was a trip that we were able to bring the dogs on which makes it even more exciting for me! They LOVED having a woodsy "yard" to explore all weekend. It was quite the change from downtown living for them. They spent the entire day outside exploring while we enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub or swinging on the porch. We grilled each night and sat by the fire until it trickled down to nothing. We played cards and had limited cell phone use the whole weekend! I loved every single second of it. We walked around the small town and window shopped. On our last day, we decided to not be completely lazy and went for a hike with Penelope. Unfortunately, Abby and Maggie are so old and their joints can't make it too far anymore. We took in a beautiful scenic hike before heading back home. 

I never knew just how relaxing a vacation could be until Idyllwild. I didn't realize just how busy and hectic our daily lives tend to get until we had nothing to worry about at all. I took naps...LOTS of naps! Daniel had planned absolutely nothing and it was perfect! 

Our weekend in pictures....

The view on the ride into Idyllwild

Our adorable little cabin

The views from the deck

LOVED listening to the sound of nothing but birds chirping and squirrels playing.

I could NOT resist having a little fun with this adorable horse swing!
(see below)

Maggie insisted that her daddy was playing fetch with her. She didn't understand why he was throwing horseshoes and telling her NO!

See...I couldn't resist! 

We went back to our country roots for the weekend! He is so darn cute. 
He wore it the whole way home too! 

Penelope took lots of naps too!

Miss Maggie

Waiting on their hot dog!

Someone else enjoyed the fire at night too! 

The property

Our scenic hike

Penelope, Abby and Maggie loved their weekend getaway too!

Bye Bye, Idyllwild. Until next time. 

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